2020 Manuscript Contest Entry Form

We recognize that not everyone is interested in receiving written feedback on their work, which is why you may elect to pay a lower entry fee for a “straight entry”. Straight entries are judged with all the other entries and have an equal chance at winning the contest, but they do not include a written critique.
Please upload only one file. The file should include both your synopsis and the opening pages of your manuscript. Please adhere to the following formatting instructions:

1. Entries must be typed and double-spaced. Use 12 pt. Times New Roman or Courier with a 1-inch margin.
2. The combined word count of your synopsis and manuscript must not exceed 2,750 words. (This includes titles, subtitles, and footnotes.)
3. Your synopsis should appear on the first page, before the opening pages of the manuscript.
4. At the top of the first page, please include the title of the manuscript in all caps (LIKE THIS).
5. Name your file as follows: CATEGORY_TITLE.doc. (Example: Memoir_AngelasAshes.doc). Please do not use spaces or special characters (such as dashes, slashes, colons, apostrophes, or ampersands) in your file name, as in the example: AngelasAshes, not Angela's Ashes.
6. Author’s full name may not appear anywhere in the document. (If you are writing a memoir, it's fine to use your real first name in the document as long as your last name is changed.)