2023 Manuscript Contest Finalists

Congratulations to our 2023 Manuscript Contest Finalists!
The final round of judging is currently in progress. Winners will be announced on this page in early October.

General Fiction

The Last Supper by Cristina Adams
Just a Run-of-the-Mill Wild Pitch by Robert Fernandes
MetaGames by Lisa Glasgow
Conversations in the Dark by Annette Pearson
A Binding of the Years by Rafael Roa
Small Dark Something by Scott Sparling

General Nonfiction

Leaving Littleport by Ilene Devlin
Human Progress by Don Finley
Hair Down, Claws Out: George Cukor and the Making of The Women by Alison Macor
The Branches We Cherish: Twenty-Five Truths About Open Adoption by Linda Sexton
Alcohol and Tears: The True Story of the Life and Death of Singer Jeanie O’Neal by Dr. Melissa J. O’Neal and Eileen Sisk


Waterways by Anna Adami
A Little Off The Charts: A Memoir by Ellen Green
The Tiger’s Paw Print: A Memoir of Myth and Desire in the Himalayas by Calla Jacobson
The Bunker: A Road to Redemption by Rudy Landeros
How to Heal Your Cactus by Joy Victory

Historical Fiction

The Word of Luz Divina by Joseph Guyer
Valentine Tucker on the Barbary Coast by Andrew Hall
Harriet in Highgate by Kay Heath
City of Sorrow by Michelle Kraft
Piano Girl by Claire Poole

Science Fiction/Fantasy

Traveler by Alyssa Cami
Days Gone By by Abram Dress
Wielder of Words by Rachel Faulk
Thought Thief by K.E. Preston
The Trouble with Vintage Costume Shops by Claire Hider


Where There’s A Will by Ricks Frazier
Bent by Wendy Gee
518 Rosebrook by Deana Lisenby
The Body In The Well by Lauren Jane Redmond
The Rich Get Dead by Joy Zeigler


As Time Goes By by Rhonda Cloos
The Lieutenant’s Promise by Elizabeth Crowder
Don’t Give Me Grief by Kelly Hitchcock
June Simple by Elizabeth McBride
Lights Out by Lexi Riemer

Thriller/Action Adventure

Shadows Too Dark by Jess Hagemann
MetaGames by Lisa Glasgow
The Edge of Nowhere by Millie Hast
518 Rosebrook by Deana Lisenby
All the Right Lies by Stephanie Raffelock
Small Dark Something by Scott Sparling

Middle Grade

Letters from the Fourth Dimension by Brenna Cuba
Accidental by Evelyn Hendrix
Searching for Extraterrestrials by Helen Mesick
Of Moons and Monsters by Victoria Tatum
Curse of the Catfish by Victoria Tatum

Young Adult

Betwixt by Susan Arscott
Back Again by Hamilton Beazley
Thought Thief by K.E. Preston
The Flare-Up by Marco Kaye
Cold Dark Water by Lily Sayre
Swimmingly by Emily Winakur