Readers Unite at Red Room

Roy Blount, Jr.
Roy Blount, Jr.

If you’re like me, you love following authors. Red Room is the place to keep up with your favorite writers and books. It has everything from videos and podcasts (check out this interview with Alice Walker) to blogs and events. The ever-entertaining Roy Blount, Jr. is one of the Red Room starts at the moment; His page had video interviews (he admits to “writing his way into trouble” — don’t we all!) and a short essay (“Language Belongs to ‘All Y’all’ “), along with mentions of his books.

It’s also great for browsing books, although it can be a bit intimidating because of the sheer numbers. But then that’s a good thing for us readers.

You can become a member of Red Room for free just by signing up . From there, you can apply to be listed as an author too (provided you are one!). In fact, check out this up-and-coming author!

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