Receive a Critique on Your Manuscript from an Agent or Publishing Company!

In addition to promoting their new book, Publish This Book, Sourcebooks is offering aspiring authors a rare deal: get an actual critique on your manuscript rather than a form rejection letter!

How and why is this possible? Well, after reading Stephen Markley’s book Publish This Book, which explores the trials, tribulations, and (often) numerous rejections authors go through in trying to get their work published, Sourcebooks decided to give authors a chance to receive a critique from an agent regarding their submission.

In order to pursue this unique opportunity you have to do a few things:

1. Buy Publish This Book
2. Submit a proposal and proof of purchase to www.sourcebooks.com/promos/ptbsubmissions or ptbsubmissions@sourcebooks.com
3. Wait 2-6 months
4. Receive a 2-4 page critique

There’s a few rules to the promotion though, so read carefully!
– Submit your proposal by June 9, 2010
– Your submission can consist of a 1-page synopsis of your work and a sample chapter of the work that is no longer than 5,000 words.
– You may include additional biographical, marketing, competitive title analysis, or other information as you desire, but they guarantee to  read and critique the synopsis and sample chapter ONLY.
– Submission of your work DOES NOT guarantee publication of the work, only a critique

If you already have a work in progress or a complete one that you are trying to get published, why not submit it to Sourcebooks? This is your chance to find out how to make your work more appealing to a publisher!

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