Making Space for Writing: 5 Questions for P.J. Hoover

“If your writing life feels like it’s not working out the way you want it to, don’t give up. Instead, take a step back and ask yourself what you can do differently. What change(s) can you make that can positively influence the future?” -P.J. Hoover

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Cinelle Barnes headshot

Understanding a Great Proposal: 5 Questions for Cinelle Barnes

“Every day is a new ‘now.’ Our work as writers is incremental and cyclical and cumulative. Every time we sit down to write, it’s like improvisational work, which is not to say we pluck something out of nothing. It means we awaken and mingle many somethings, many nows, that we filed away in recesses of our brain some time ago and can now bring front-of-mind and to the page. There’s no magic door or finish line; there’s only these breakthroughs and the belief that a nurtured writing practice will bear fruit in its own time.” -Cinelle Barnes

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The Foundation of Fiction: 5 Questions for James Wade

“I’ve found the challenges of being a writer are permanent… and the best way to approach them is to run away. If it’s writer’s block for a certain scene, write a different scene in your manuscript… the pressure we put on ourselves as writers to “overcome” stuff is in direct opposition to the reality of the writing and publishing world. For me, it’s about finding the strength to write everyday despite not overcoming many of these obstacles.” -James Wade

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Meet the Members: Maya Golden

“[M]y career as a reporter introduced me to people of all walks of life and careers and my imagination has taken what I have seen and heard over more than 20 years in the industry to create fiction by observing people and our world.”

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Meet the Members: Tamra Andrews

“You know those faces you see in the clouds, on the moon, and on the surface of rocks? Pattern recognition, that’s all it is, right? Pareidolia? Or glimpses into hidden realms?”

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