Meet the Agents: Stefanie Molina (Ladderbird Literary Agency)

“Find your ‘why’–that doesn’t have to do with getting published. This is what will keep you going when you inevitably receive rejections and other blows to confidence. If getting published is your main motivator for writing, it becomes easy to give up when it seems like things aren’t working out. Go back to why you started writing in the first place and find your motivation there. Internally, recognize why your writing is worth something to you, even if you don’t get a deal.”  -Stefanie Molina, Ladderbird Literary Agency

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The Importance of Character in Memoir: 5 Questions for Charlotte Gullick

“I try to practice gratitude: if I’m feeling down or disempowered about my writing because of rejections or not being as good as I want to be on the page, I ask myself to consider what I can be grateful for in my writing life – and writing this out usually shifts the negative feelings into something that has agency and power. The act of writing moves me out of the passive place of being at the mercy of my feelings.” -Charlotte Gullick

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Meet the Agents: Caroline Eisenmann (Frances Golden Literary Agency)

“Publishing is unfortunately not a meritocracy, it’s a market! And publishers can be fairly reactionary in the way that they think about books– they’re looking to emulate successes they’ve seen before. Failing to connect with a publisher often says nothing about an author’s talent, but rather what the market is looking for at that particular time.”  -Caroline Eisenmann, Frances Goldin Literary Agency

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Meet the Agents: Sera Rivers (Martin Literary Management)

“Become the expert of your story by taking the time to know your characters, the setting, and subject matter of your book. Conduct ongoing research of current books in your genre; what are other authors writing, and how does your book stand out from the rest?”  -Sera Rivers, Martin Literary Management

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