Meet the Members: MP Mueller

“When I think of a book that opened up my eyes, I go to those in the spiritual realm, like reading The Celestine Prophecy many years ago when I was in my 20’s.”

— MP Mueller

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Meet the Members: Gretchen Rose

“I have five published books and two completed manuscripts that I am currently querying. Like all writers, I am hoping to connect with an agent who can take my books to the next level.”

— Gretchen Rose

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June Third Thursday Wrap-up: “The Author/Editor Relationship”

by John A. McDermott Watching the video of WLT’s Third Thursday conversation, titled “The Author/Editor Relationship” was a gift. It was like sitting in a coffeeshop and eavesdropping on a fantastic conversation among three smart, lively professionals: Becka Oliver, the WLT’s Executive Director, Katherine Center, best-selling novelist of books such

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