Meet the Editors: Wendy Wong (Ballantine/Penguin Random House)

“I’m looking for authors with a distinctive, compelling voice; a surprising and evocative story with engaging characters; and a unique perspective, whether that’s in fiction or nonfiction. This should be someone who understands the importance of collaboration in this process, accepting that their book may take on a different form, but being open to that direction and guidance.”  -Wendy Wong, Ballantine/Penguin Press

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Meet the Members: Angela Yeh

“…I love writing and being creative and I’m grateful to be able to have time to write and to have a job where I get to work with writers all day”

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Meet the Agents: Victoria Dillman (Howland Literary)

“Remember that, ultimately, this is your book and your vision. Of course, listen to the opinions of those around you but know that you have the final say and you know your work and what it’s trying to accomplish best.”  -Victoria Dillman, Howland Literary

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Changing the Way You Think About Revision: 5 Questions for Adam Soto

“The key is to rethink revision’s relationship with your practice. When you stop thinking that revision owes you something—a final draft, a sense of completion, a publication—and start thinking about it as a series of opportunities and invitations, you’ll realize just how powerful it is.” -Adam Soto

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Working with Memory in Memoir: 5 Questions for Rachel Starnes

“I’m hoping what people come away with this time is a bit of grace and forgiveness for how complicated memory really is, and how clever our brains can be with telling us we’ve got the whole truth, when what we’ve got is really a fraction that changes shape. We’re conditioned in this culture to believe that facts will reveal the ‘Truth,’ but I think where memoir really gets interesting is where it allows for slippage, makes room for other interpretations, and invites the reader into the struggle of making meaning from experience rather than telling us the ‘One Right Way’ to see what happened.” -Rachel Starnes

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