Martha Louise Hunter joined the Writers’ League of Texas in 2002. She won the 2011 Manuscript Contest in the Mainstream Fiction category. She makes her home in Austin TX.
The manuscript contest really boosted my confidence. Having the designation printed on my name badge for the WLT Agents conference, I felt like a movie star — maybe not an A-list movie star, but a movie star nonetheless. And, speaking with agents that year — it got their attention, for sure. It got my publisher’s attention, and I’m happy to say that Painting Juliana (Goldminds Publishing, Nashville TN) is coming out in hardback and e-book May 20th. Sure, I did a lot of the typing myself, but I owe so much to WLT. Anyone who’s on the fence about submitting for the contest – good grief, just get your rear in gear and do it! When they announce someone else’s name instead of yours at the luncheon, think how mad at yourself you’ll be!
The deadline for the 2014 Manuscript contest has been extended to February 28th. For more info go to: https://writersleague.org/109/Manuscript-Contest

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