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Meet the Agents: Sera Rivers (Martin Literary Management)

“Become the expert of your story by taking the time to know your characters, the setting, and subject matter of your book. Conduct ongoing research of current books in your genre; what are other authors writing, and how does your book stand out from the rest?”  -Sera Rivers, Martin Literary Management

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Meet the Agents: Heather Carr (The Friedrich Agency)

“An ideal debut author is clear about their career goals and knowledgeable about their own professional and creative needs. They are focused on their craft and the ultimate expert on their own work while willing to trust their publishing team’s industry expertise. I love working with writers who are interested in being in conversation with their peers and fostering a supportive and revolutionary publishing world. On the page, they are committed to their unique voice and unafraid of making waves.”  -Heather Carr, The Friedrich Agency

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Meet the Agents: Lynn Johnston (Lynn Johnston Literary)

“Open yourself to rejections. It’s baked into the publishing cake and many aspiring authors naturally burn out because of it. But if you don’t let it control you, seek advice you may not want to hear, really listen and wring every bit of learning from rejections, then I guarantee your writing will be better and you will put yourself in a good place to get published.”  -Lynn Johnston

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Meet the Agents: Anna Sproul-Latimer (Neon Literary)

“I attend conferences because I believe it’s important to demystify publishing as much as I can for aspiring authors of all stripes. So if you choose to meet with me, I hope you use our time to ask all of the questions you might feel afraid to if you were formally querying someone. I’m delighted to help!”  -Anna Sproul-Latimer

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Meet the Editors: Jill Meyers

“A favorite T-shirt of mine has this saying on it: “It takes as long as it takes.” Which is not to say, screw deadlines, who cares! But simply: take your time with your drafts and revisions. Go deep and get messy.” -Jill Meyers

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