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Instructor Q&A: Greg Garrett

“Even if it doesn’t make it into your story, write different conversations and be willing to explore the fluidity of your characters as they move through the world and communicate.” -Natalia Sylvester Natalia Sylvester is teaching a class for the Writers’ League of Texas called “Talk to Me: Writing Dialogue that Rings True & Speaks […]

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Instructor Interview Series with Greg Garrett

In anticipation of our workshop, Finding Your Voice — And Point of View, we were able to get a quick word from our great instructor Greg Garrett for a quick Q&A about that search for your narrative voice. Greg’s class is on September 28th from 10 am to 1 pm at

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February Third Thirsday Wrap-Up: Part 2 of 3

By Lexie Smith At February’s Third Thursday programW.K. “Kip” Stratton, Greg Garrett, Jacqueline Kelly and Keith Graves gave us lots of food for thought as they answered questions from moderator Cyndi Hughes (fearless WLT leader) about their creative processes. Last week Scribe brought you the highlights of the discussion; this

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Third Thursday Wrap-Up!

By Lexie Smith Process, process and more process. That was definitely the word of the night for February’s Third Thursday Program, “The First Draft: Let the Words Rip!” Authors W.K. “Kip” Stratton, Greg Garrett, Jacqueline Kelly and Keith Graves gave us a behind-the-books look at the creation of their first

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