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Meet the Members: Elise Krentzel

“I’m working on my second book in a trilogy and I see this trilogy being made into a TV series. In addition, I am a ghost writer and I see myself working on epic family tales and quirky life stories.”

— Elise Krentzel

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Meet the Members: Ian Humphrey

“[I write] urban fantasy, emphasis on on urban. Bringing the truth of inner city poverty, homelessness, drug addiction, and more to the arcane forefront.”

— Ian Humphrey

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Meet the Members: Debra Herman Miller

“I self-published my first book […] It stands out from other books on this subject as it contains the identities and photographs of real mental health patients who have lived experience.”

— Debra Herman Miller

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Meet the Members: Joe Giordano

“I’ve taken a number of great classes from WLT and recommend aspiring and experienced writers to take any courses that fit their needs.”

— Joe Giordano

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Meet the Members: James McNulty

“I’m planning to finish writing a script for a short film, then film it. Once that’s done, I might return to short fiction or try polishing an experimental prose poetry collection […] I’m always trying to learn to draw so I can draw my own comics, but I’d love to work with an artist someday soon, too.”
— James McNulty

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