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Meet the Members: Joe Giordano

“I’ve taken a number of great classes from WLT and recommend aspiring and experienced writers to take any courses that fit their needs.”

— Joe Giordano

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Meet the Members: James McNulty

“I’m planning to finish writing a script for a short film, then film it. Once that’s done, I might return to short fiction or try polishing an experimental prose poetry collection […] I’m always trying to learn to draw so I can draw my own comics, but I’d love to work with an artist someday soon, too.”
— James McNulty

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Meet the Members: Eileen Sisk

“I’d love for Kitty Kelley to endorse my work and say that I have a penchant for finding the truth and reporting it no matter what anyone else may think of it.”

— Eileen Sisk

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Meet the Members: Maya Golden

“[M]y career as a reporter introduced me to people of all walks of life and careers and my imagination has taken what I have seen and heard over more than 20 years in the industry to create fiction by observing people and our world.”

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Meet the Members: Tamra Andrews

“You know those faces you see in the clouds, on the moon, and on the surface of rocks? Pattern recognition, that’s all it is, right? Pareidolia? Or glimpses into hidden realms?”

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