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Meet the Members: Michael Wood

“I would obviously not turn down being a famous writer but my current aspirations are merely to wake up, make coffee and have nothing in the way of spending the next four hours sitting at a desk looking over an expansive view, inspired and lost in my words.”

— Michael Wood

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Meet the Members: Zue Rivera

“I hope that my love for reading and writing is contagious, and I would love nothing more than to share that love and passion with other similarly minded people.”

— Zue Rivera

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Meet the Members: MP Mueller

“My aunt and godmother, Sara Puig Laas, who is a wonderful writer, told me to check out the Writers League during a phone call and before we hung up, I had signed up.”
— MP Mueller

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Meet the Members: Joe Betar

“My writings are the culmination of experiences with the many colorful characters and interactions I have experienced through my life and adventures.”

— Joe Betar

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Meet the Members: David Fahl

“As a very young man I turned away from writing because I felt like I didn’t know anything worth telling the world about. […] Would recommend to young writers in a similar predicament that they go ahead and write anyway. ”

— David Fahl

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Meet the Members: Lenard Vare

“I just completed my book that includes my experiences of working inside prisons and the consulting work that I have been doing since retirement in assisting with prison litigation cases around the country.”

— Lenard Vare

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