WLT @ the 2023 Texas Book Festival

WLT is proud to participate in this year’s Texas Book Festival – one of our favorite literary weekends of the year! You can find all of WLT’s Texas Book Festival events on this page, including the Member signing schedule at the WLT exhibitor booth (Tent #5, Booths 509-510), our Saturday evening “Build a Story” Lit Crawl event, and our “Writers’ League of Texas Presents: Texas Debut Novelists” panel on Sunday. So much great stuff to enjoy – we hope to see you there!

Join us Saturday, November 11 at 8:00 PM at Daydreamer (1708 E 6th St.) for our special Lit Crawl program: “WLT Presents: Build a Story.” For this one-of-a-kind event, join WLT staff and some of your favorite authors to build a story – sentence by sentence. Authors will respond to audience prompts (however serious, silly, or ridiculous) and craft a three act story in real time. What could go wrong? You won’t want to miss it! Special author guests include Jennifer duBois, Tonia Ransom, Dan Solomon, Stacey Swann, Jonny Garza Villa, and more!

See our Sunday panel, starting at 2:45 PM at First United Methodist Church (1201 Lavaca St.), “Writers’ League of Texas Presents: Texas Debut Novelists” with Isa Arsén, Celia Bell, & Szilvia Molnar, moderated by Becka Oliver.

Discover three emerging authors and learn about their stunning debut novels featuring female protagonists grappling with identity: being true to it and reclaiming it. In The Disenchantment, two noblewomen seek love and liberation through their relationship in a narrative rich with passion and intrigue. Shoot the Moon documents Annie Fisk’s experiences through childhood, college, and young adult life as she balances the desires of her head and her heart while working at NASA. The Nursery’s narrator struggles against postpartum depression, maternal fears, and the anxieties of navigating the world as a new mother as she seeks friendship in a neighbor.