1) Book promotion spots are 45-minutes ONLY and members are eligible for no more than one spot. Please note that we will have 2-4 WLT members during each 45-minute spot. (If you have co-authored a book and would like to have both authors present for the signing, please contact the WLT separately after you’ve submitted the application so that we are aware. Both authors must be current members of the WLT).

2) WLT does not arrange for books to be available and does not facilitate sales on behalf of our members. Please provide your own copies of your books, your own payment processor such as a Square, and change if you plan to accept cash transactions.

3) Due to space limitations, we’re inviting members who have books that were first published AFTER January 2023 to have first priority for book promotion spots this year. If you have published more than one book, you may bring copies of other books to promote as well, but please focus on one book for this application and please be mindful of space limitations.

4) Again, due to space limitations, we’re inviting members who were not featured at the 2023 San Antonio Book Festival WLT booth to have first priority for book promotion spots this year. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be considered for a spot if you were featured at our booth at this festival, but please know that first priority will be given to members who weren’t.

5) Book promotion spots at the WLT booth will be scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, from opening time to closing time. Any members wanting to be considered for a book promotion spot must be available for both days and flexible regarding the time assigned to them. Unfortunately, we’re unable to accommodate special requests regarding specific time. If you have a special circumstance that you’d like for us to consider, please call us at the office to discuss.

6) You must be a member in good standing (with a membership expiration past the date of the TBF (November 11-12, 2023) to be considered for a book promotion spot. If you’re unsure of your membership expiration date, log-in to the website or email us at member@writersleague.org.

7) If you are selected to promote your book at the Writers League booth, please note that this does NOT mean you are an official Texas Book Festival Author or that you are part of official TBF programming. This simply means that you will be promoting your book at the Writers League of Texas booth at the festival. Promoting your book at our booth is a great opportunity to spread the word about yourself and your work, but it does not entitle you to anything beyond what we’ve detailed here. Your name will be listed here on our website, but you will not be listed on the TBF website or in any other TBF promotional materials as an official author.

8) You are welcome to bring small promotional materials with you, such as a small poster, postcards, or bookmarks, but please note that you will be sharing a table with 1-3 other WLT members during your book promotion spot, so be prepared to adjust your display so that we can accommodate everyone at the table. Also, if you are not selected to promote your book this year, please note that we are not able to accommodate requests to display promotional material for individual WLT members who are not assigned a book promotion spot. All promotional materials that our members bring to display or give away during their signing spot must be taken away when their allotted time is over; anything left behind will be discarded.

If you have read and understand the above guidelines and would like to be considered for one of the book promotion spots at this year’s Writers’ League booth at the Texas Book Festival, fill out our Google form, linked below. ONLY forms that are completely filled out and returned to us by 11:59 PM CDT on Monday, October 23 will be considered. We will release the book promotion schedule no later than Tuesday, October 31.