The Mystique of Critique

The Mystique of Critique:
The 20 Commandments of Critiquing

7:30 p.m. Thursday, October 16 * Writers’ League Resource Center * Free!

Here’s a way to meet your match — for critique groups, that is! If you’ve got a work in progress – whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, essays, poetry, etc. — and you’d like to get some feedback, come on over!

Jo Virgil, community relations coordinator at Barnes & Noble Sunset Valley, will share her 10 Commandments of Critiquing and 10 Commandments of Being Critiqued. Then we’ll break up into small groups and practice the commandments.

  • What to bring? 5 copies of 3-5 pages of a work in progress
  • What you’ll get: Feedback on your work, critiquing practice, new contacts, and just possibly a writing group of your own

We’ll also elect new board members for the League. So put something in writing and come on over!

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