Thursday Thinking – Did you write this week?


You’ve had some time to digest the writers’ nourishment from January’s Third Thursday program about helping yourself to write, no matter what. Now we’d like to hear from you about your writing this week. You can share your comments at the bottom of this post, way down at the bottom of the page. You can also leave your response on the WLT Facebook Page.

Here are some questions to prime your pump.

  • Did you notice a routine you used to get your ready to write?
  • Did you notice a diversion that took you away from writing?
  • What was your writing goal this week? Did you meet it?
  • Did your inner-editor show up? How did you handle that?
  • What helped you write this week?
  • What deterred, or almost deterred you from writing? How did you overcome it?

Thanks for sharing.

(If you couldn’t make it to Book People for the panel, maybe you read about it here on Scribe. If you did neither, take a minute to read the Third Thursday Wrap-Up.)

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