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The Writers’ League of Texas sponsors an annual manuscript contest for fiction, non-fiction and children’s book writers. You are invited to submit a one-page synopsis and the first 10 pages of your unpublished manuscript to the League’s 10th Annual Manuscript Contest.

Entry fee: $50 per submission
Deadline: March 7, 2008 (postmarked by or delivered by 6 PM)
Prize: The winner in each category will meet individually with an agent at the Writers’ League of Texas Agents & Editors Conference, June 20 – 22, 2008.

2008 Violet Crown Book Award

The Writers’ League of Texas sponsors the Eighteenth Annual Violet Crown Book Award honoring three published books. Categories include Fiction, Nonfiction, and Literary Prose and Poetry. The name of the award is taken from a quote by author O. Henry, who referred to Austin as the City of the Violet Crown.

Entry fee: $25 per submission
Deadline: June 30, 2008
Prize: $1000 cash and trophy to the winner in each category

Authors do not need to be a member of the Writers’ League of Texas to enter.

The Awards Ceremony will be held during the Texas Book Festival, Saturday, November 1, 2008. Presentations will be followed by a Panel Discussion featuring the winners.

Mozelle Memoir Contest: 2008

The Mozelle Memoir Contest, established by Roy and Barbara Minton in 2006, offers an opportunity for writers to tell the stories they’ve always meant to write. The name of the contest is derived from the title of Barbara’s first published story in The Noble Generation Volume II (Word Wright International.biz 2004). “Mozelle” is the story of two young girls in the 1940’s, discovering friendship while caught in the time warp of segregation, a world war, and plain old happenstance. The dignity and courage of Mozelle lives on through the telling of her story. Unpublished writers are strongly encouraged to participate.

Entry fee: $15 per submission
Deadline: March 21, 2008 (postmarked by or delivered to the League office by 6 PM)
Prize: $500 and publication

For short memoirs of only 3000 words or less

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