Wednesday Writing Prompt

April is National Poetry Writing Month! (Also known as NaPoWriMo). So we here at the WLT thought it was time to put some poetry out into the world. Well. Poetry writing prompts, at least! And don’t worry about whether or not you consider yourself a poet. Just have fun and unlock your creativity with words!

Try an abecedarian. What’s that, you ask? A poem where the first words of each line follow the order of the alphabet. (The first line starts with A, the second with B, and so forth.) If you have fun with that and want to try more, you can move onto the double abecedarian – the first word of each line follows the order of the alphabet, and the LAST word of each line follows the REVERSE order of the alphabet! (The first line starts with an A word and ends with a Z word…)

As always, please post your response in the comments section so everyone can read it.


-Amy Rose

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