Wednesday Writing Prompt

Author Téa Obreht Inspired Today's Writing Prompt


At our monthly Q & A last night, Téa Obreht, author of The Tiger’s Wife, talked about how she uses music to get into the world of her story, and stay there even when she isn’t writing. Miss Obreht builds playlists that have an association with a certain scene or section of her work. She picks an eclectic mix of songs that inspire her, without worrying if anyone else would understand why they “fit”. Today is for exploring the connection between music and the writing process!

Take a scene/story/poem you are working on, and pick a song that you feel emotionally resonates with it. Try writing while you listen to the song- does it do anything to change the rhythms, intensity, or style of your writing? Do you feel more focused or connected? When you’re done writing and going about your day, listen to the song again. Does it keep you in the world of your story, even when you are away from the page?

As always, please post your response in the comments section so everyone can read it.


-Amy Rose

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