Wednesday Writing Prompt

It’s a busy morning at the Writers’ League as we get ready for the YA A to Z Conference on April 15 and 16. So today we’re bringing you a prompt for one of those times when you only have a moment or to snatch between Very Important Things. Today’s prompt is also brought to you by the Surrealists, whose practice of automatic writing inspires this little prompt!

Start writing. Now keep writing. Do not lift your pen from the page. Let words come out, and see what happens. As you write, find an access point (a word, a phrase, image, or idea) that leads you back to the story you are working on. Then, still in the flow of automatic writing, work your way back towards the story. You might not use any of these exact sentences in your finished story, but you’ll be surprised by what your subconscious turns up!

As always, please post your response in the comments section so everyone can read it.


-Amy Rose

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