Wednesday Writing Prompt

We’ve interrupted your regularly scheduled programming for the last few weeks to bring you some fun features and information about the 2011 Agents Conference. (And, yes, you can still register right here.) But now, we’re back with all new writing prompts! Get your pen! Get your paper! (Okay, do you have them?) Let’s go.

Today we’re talking about objective correlative. This is when a physical part of a scene (usually some aspect of the setting) mirrors the internal state of a character. When this is done well, it can help set pace, build tension, and provide an intriguing form of “show, don’t tell.”

Build a scene, or a take a scene you’re already working on, in which a character experiences a strong emotion. Without directly informing the reader what the character’s emotion is, reflect it in some aspect of physical scene around your character. Continue this through the end of the scene.

Use the comments to let us know how the prompt went for you or to share part of your scene! Thanks, and happy writing.
-Amy Rose

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