Wednesday Writing Prompt

It’s conference time again at the WLT, and you know what that means! We all have to carve out time to keep writing. Finding time to put words on the page can be one of writing’s biggest challenges, so this week we bring you a writing prompt challenge!

Scribble a sentence every time you have a free moment today. Don’t worry about having hours and hours of dedicated work time. Just put your pen to the page (or napkin, or back of that receipt–but make sure you save it!) Or if you sit at the computer all day, email yourself when you get a break–send yourself that sentence that’s been knocking around your head or that idea for a great new scene.

At the end of the day, see how much you’ve done! Challenge yourself to write whenever you have the time, and you might find that you’re getting lots of work done before you even sit down for your official writing time. Plus- you’ll never be sitting down to a blank page! You’ll have material and ideas built up to get you started and stave off that dreaded writer’s block.

As always, you can share in the comments below.


-Amy Rose

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