Wednesday Writing Prompt

There’s nothing in the world like typing those two little words: The End. But the end- whether it’s of a whole novel, a chapter, or just a scene, has to be more than just the last in a series of events. It has to leave the reader with a certain feeling. We do that through the structure of our stories, but we also do it through language: word choice, syntax, grammar, white space.

Take the last paragraph of a scene you’re working on (or if you’re a poet, the last line or stanza), and try it at least five different ways, and see what feeling each combination leaves you with. Is one abrupt and powerful? Does another spur the reader on to the next section? Maybe another allows you to linger… Show your work to a few trusted readers and see if they agree!

As always, feel free to share your work in the comments!

-Amy Rose

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