Wednesday Writing Prompt

National Geo & a Writer

Sometimes, when I am struggling with inspiration I pick up an old Nat Geo out of my collection, choose 10 words that sound fresh (differing from my usual language) and go from there.  If you don’t collect Nat Geo’s (they are in most Goodwill & Savers for 25cents), then try surfing the web for unique stories outside of day to day news.  If it were a poem, I would try to incorporate the words into my narrative or lyrical poem.  If it were a short story, I would try to incorporate the 10 words into my first three paragraphs. Let the 10 words guide your language out of your typical tone or subject matter.  You can always go back in revision, and take what works then trash what doesn’t.

Stretch yourself!  Do not pick words that you are comfortable with.   Try some scientific or archeological terms that make you pull out your dictionary.  Words that are fun to say out loud are great, too!  The more you play, the more the language will surprise you and take you to a place that feels new and exciting.

In my last attempt with the Nat Geo prompt, I wrote a poem that compared flower pinning to pig slaughter.  A surprise to say the least, and content I had never thought of before!  Have fun, let us know your results!


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