Wednesday Writing Prompt

Today’s writing prompt comes in part from Warren Wilson College.  Writing in the second person point of view is a rarity, and creates a strange but unique commanding voice.  This exercise will allow you to explore the ‘you’ inside of the lush creative space of holiday family rituals.  Who knows, it could almost turn into a therapy session for last years horrible Thanksgiving mishap!

Describe a holiday ritual, using the 2ndperson “you”: For example, “You stand in the steaming kitchen with people you haven’t seen in almost a year. You wish your shirt didn’t have that tiny stain on the cuff. You wish your aunt’s laugh wasn’t quite so brittle. Feet stomp on the porch and you hurry to let your tall uncle in, forgetting to keep the dog from escaping outside…”

Allow the point of view to take you into three pages of free writing, let us know what gems or ghosts of holiday pasts appear!


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