Wednesday Writing Prompt

Evoking the Senses

When I traveled through out Europe prior to the start of my MFA program in Austin, I spent a brief amount of time in London town.  Needless to say I fell in love with the historical cities’ hustle and bustle, but especially fell in love with the Portobello Market area.  The famous Travel Bookstore, is right off Portobello Road, held me for hours!  A poet’s dream, to say the least.  Along with a good helping of novels and poetry collections, I found a daily dairy/planner made specifically for artists.  It is called the RedStone Annual Diary.  Ever since this incredible find, I can’t live without the daily planner.  It holds my to-do lists, inspirations, contacts, doodles, etc.  I order a new diary each December, and each year the inspirational artist content is different.  For 2012, the diary focuses on ‘the senses.’  Last week there was a sketch by Caravaggio based on touch, and this week, it is a poem titled ‘Fetish’ by poet Christopher Reid:


I have in my possession

an angel’s wingbone:

valueless, I gather,

without the certificate

of authentication

which can only be signed by a bishop,

I treasure it, however,

and almost religiously love

the sweet feel of its curve

between thumb and forefinger

deep in my jacket pocket,

the way I’m fondling now.

This poem deals with touch, as did Caravaggio’s sketch of ‘Doubting Thomas.’  For this weeks prompt, chose two senses to evoke in a 12 line poem, following the guide of the poem above.

Happy writing!


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