Wednesday Writing Prompt

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A Photograph Worth 1,000 Words


Fresh off the 2012 Agents Conference, I will admit that my mind is zapped.  All creative energy feels lodged under this overwhelming desire to sleep.  So, I need inspiration to splay itself before me.  I wonder if the heat is doing that to all of us, conference or not?  Regardless, go browse through LENS, NYT photography blog, and select the first photo that intrigues  you.  Write a 1,000 word short story or 50 line poem based completely on the photograph.  Try not to make it personal, although we inevitably show up in our writing no matter how diligently we try not to.  Let the image guide you, let the image ‘do the work.’  Then  you can revise how ever you see fit.  So far my photography, above, has taken  me here:

To begin the dance– that daily
ritual of meager offering– to the gods
and goddesses of time, remove
the hen from the crib
and let the child exhale
that long sob which notifies
the house that dreams are
luxuries of a distant past.

Who said the sleep deprivation would not take me to an odd place?  Enjoy the instant gratification of the photography muse.



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