Wednesday Writing Prompt

Travel Writing


Doesn’t the idea of travel writing seem so idyllic, romantic, and luxurious?  ‘If only I could travel more, my memoir would be incredible!’  Truth be told, I took a course on travel writing a few years ago.  It is a lot of up and downs, hotel tours, and false advertising.  Except for those rockstar few.

BUT why don’t we dream for today’s writing prompt.  I (as the picture indicates) have been attempting to teleport myself to a Fiji island – to fish and swim in clear water.  No luck thus far. Until then, I think I will write myself there.  Pick a place – very specific, do some research and find out what kind of activity is most sought after in that area, and write yourself into that scenario.

First of all, this will be good for the heart.  To see yourself somewhere you desire  may make it more of a reality for the near future, a goal to work for.  Second, it will force you back to imagistic writing.  Imagery is so important in this kind of exercise, it will make the story real.  However, do not get stuck in descriptions. Go for two pages, and rely on your senses.  Enjoy the travel.


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