Wednesday Writing Prompt


Sometimes life, and writing, calls for us be simple, calm, and quiet.  In yoga this is the practice of learning to ‘shush’ your monkey mind – that voice that rambles to do lists and worries without cessation each time you attempt to concentrate.

The book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron has been a go-to for me since I was eighteen.  One habit from the book that has stuck with me year after year, is writing my ‘morning pages.’  Every morning I get my first cup of coffee, then sit down to write three pages of whatever comes to mind.  I do not let myself stop to edit, think, plan ahead, or re-read.  That goes against the purpose of these pages.

When was the last time you just let yourself write?  When you turned off that censor, or the rambling monkey mind?  Simplify your life by just letting your hand (morning pages must be handwritten, ps) and mind be in the present moment in unison.  Do not allow yourself to go back and re-read these pages, instantly trash (recycle) them if you can’t control yourself.  Who knows, you may find some sort of inspiration or it may be that you free up your mind enough to finally listen for the inspiration.  Enjoy simplicity.


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