Wednesday Writing Prompt

Put Yourself Out There

How long have you been telling yourself you would submit that short story or poem or novella for a writing contest or publication in a literary journal?  What are you waiting for?  I would be willing to bet it is fear that is holding you back.

This week take out that poem or story and revise diligently for one hour.  Just one hour, and leave the critic/perfectionist behind.  Then, put it in an envelope and send it off.  Just let it go.  A ‘thanks, but no thanks’ is possible, but as writers all those nos lead to the one yes.

Finding a contest and/or journal is no excuse!  There are hundreds and hundreds out there, and plenty of sources that offer guidance to finding.  One being Scribe’s Friday Filler, we always link contests and publications.  Also, Poets and Writers is a fantastic source.  So do the band aid thing, and rip it off.  Some last minute revision, then send it off.  Best of luck!



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