Wednesday Writing Prompt


I’m from Tulsa, Oklahoma and I absolutely love it. Tulsa’s not an impressive city by any means, really. We can boast the Hanson brothers and a giant golden statue of a 75-foot tall oil rig driller, but that’s about it. Despite Tulsa’s lack of excitement, it holds this special place in my heart because it’s where I grew up. Every visit home reminds me of the formative years I spent there. Almost every place in the city whispers to me, reminding me of some small moment I had there. I drive down Sheridan or Yale or 61st and I’m immediately flooded with all of these warm memories of growing up.

Hometowns hold a special place in our heart, whether that place is a fond one or not. For this week’s writing prompt, write about your hometown. This can be a fictional account of the place you grew up in or a real story from your childhood. Either way, the story or poem must take place in the town you grew up in.

Happy writing!

– Annie

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