Wednesday Writing Prompt


Have you ever watched TLC on a Friday night? If you have not, you might not be aware that “Friday Bride Day” is a thing. Alas, you are missing out. My roommates and I prefer to unwind from a long week by sitting in front of TLC for an embarrassingly long amount of time and planning weddings that are far off in the future for most of us.

But my obsession with Friday Bride Day has inspired me to write about weddings. As one’s wedding is quite the monumental moment in one’s life, a wedding is the perfect backdrop for a story. For this week’s writing prompt, use a wedding as the setting for your story. The action can focus on the bride, the groom, a bridesmaid, or simply a wedding guest. I figured out the setting, you figure out the rest!

Happy happy writing! (And set your Tivo for Friday Bride Day this week!)

– Annie

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