Wednesday Writing Prompt

This writing prompt is a tad late, considering Halloween has come and gone. But hopefully you can rally yourself from your post-candy coma and find the mental clarity to write a Halloween story. I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween, honestly. I can never think of a costume idea that I like. Or, if I think of one, I can never think of how to implement it. These past few years, I’ve rarely done much for Halloween other than gorge myself on too much candy. But this past week, I attended a Halloween carnival for kids and families at a non-profit that I’m involved with. I dressed in overalls and cowboy boots and passed out candy with some middle schoolers that I mentor and heck, I had fun. The experience has led me to re-think my Halloween scroogery and try to see the fun in the holiday.

For this week’s writing prompt, write a story that takes place on Halloween. The genre, plot, setting, and characters are up to you, but the date of the story must be Halloween. Write a spooky ghost story or a poem about a family that goes trick-or-treating. You can even write a non-fiction account of your own favorite or least favorite Halloween memory. Happy writing and don’t eat too much leftover candy!

– Annie

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