Wednesday Writing Prompt: What’s Your Scariest Story?

From now on, Wednesday’s are going to be all about you, our readers! Instead of reading a story from us, this is going to be your chance to get a word in, or rather, a story. Every Wednesday we will be posting a writing prompt that anyone can use to make up or narrate your own short, short story. Feel free to post your response to the comments part of the blog, but also keep in mind that we don’t want everyone to post a novel, so please try to keep your response around 250 words.

In honor of the month of October and Halloween, we’d like to hear everyone’s best ghost stories! What real life horror story do you have lurking in your past or what’s the scariest story you’ve ever heard/come up with yourself?

Let’s see who can have me cowering under my desk with their story (although I’m a huge scaredy-cat, so they may all have me sleeping with the lights on!)


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