Weekly Class Update: April 17, 2023

Hello, writers!

This week, we’re talking writing endings in fiction with Jessica Wilbanks. When it comes to writing endings, finding the perfect balance of surprising yet inevitable, of tying up loose ends and leaving things open for interpretation, is a feat that can leave any fiction writer stumped. If you want to better understand what a satisfying ending does and how to accomplish it in your own writing, you don’t want to miss this class.

Plus, it’s Third Thursday week! Join us this Thursday, April 20 for a conversation on “Bringing the Past to Life: Writing Historical Fiction and Nonfiction” with three critically acclaimed writers – Sarah Bird, Kate Winkler Dawson, and David Wright Faladé – who have transported readers with their stories time and time again. I can’t wait to see you there.

All the best,
Sam Babiak
Program Director

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