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Lone Wolf: An F.B.I. K-9 Novel #1








by Sara Driscoll

Published in August 2017 by Kensington Books

Reviewed by Kirsche Romo

In the first of her FBI K-9 novel series, Sara Driscoll takes us into the world of the FBI’s Forensic K-9 unit. The story opens with Meg Jennings and her tracking Labrador, Hawk, pursuing the scent of a teen girl’s murderer in the woods of Maryland.

Meg and her sister Cara have always been dog lovers. Cara operates a dog obedience training school, and their parents are lifelong animal advocates, running an animal rescue in Virginia. Meg and Cara have spent their lives saving animals and nursing them back to health. After they moved in together as adults, they adopted several dogs with the goal of turning them into working dogs – providing therapy or being trained in the art of search and rescue, like Hawk.

Before Meg and Hawk can recuperate from their Maryland tracking assignment, they are again called into action. A bomb has exploded at the Department of Agriculture Building in Washington DC, and their mission is to find and rescue as many people buried under the rubble as possible, including a group of school children who were there on a field trip.

Upon investigation, the FBI makes a chilling discovery – the method used to place and detonate the bomb is unlike any ever seen before.

The bomber soon contacts a well-known Washington journalist with a cryptic message voicing his anger with the government and making it clear his goal of vengeance is not yet complete. Meg and Hawk team up with the FBI to diligently work to stop the bomber.

But how many more bombs will the killer set off before his revenge is complete? Will Meg and Hawk, and the rest of the K-9 team, be able to track him down before any more lives are lost?

Reading Lone Wolf, I enjoyed getting a first-hand glimpse of the world of K-9 teams and the methods used for tracking, detection, and search and rescue. Driscoll has also inserted terms relevant to K-9 search and rescue procedures at the beginning of each chapter to help clarify jargon for readers.

Lone Wolf was an interesting and enjoyable read and will appeal to dog lovers and those who love a fast-paced mystery. I’m looking forward to what Driscoll has planned for book two of the series.

K.L. Romo writes about life on the fringe: teetering dangerously on the edge is more interesting than standing safely in the middle. She is passionate about women’s issues, loves noisy clocks and fuzzy blankets, but HATES the word normal. Her historical novel, Life Before, is about two women separated by a century who discover they’ve shared a soul. Web: KLRomo.com or @klromo.

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