W.L.T. 40

Happy Anniversary to the WLT!

2021 marks the 40th Anniversary of the WLT.

That’s forty years of supporting writers with quality programming – classes, panel discussions, conferences, and more. Forty years of inspiring the next generation of writers with classroom presentations in public schools for every grade level. Forty years of celebrating Texas authors, near and far, across all genres.

In 2019, when we first started talking about this milestone (4-0!) and the best way to celebrate it, we imagined we’d be throwing a big party someplace fabulous – an excuse to dress up and spend an evening with this amazing community of ours, cutting into a giant Texas sheet cake. Of course, that was two years ago and the world has gone through a lot in the interim. Instead, we find ourselves facing some very real financial challenges due to the pandemic. We are wondering what the next year will bring for the WLT, not to mention the next forty. There is no cake in sight. 

Which is all to say – we could use your help.

Starting today, November 22 – and for the next forty days – we’ll be celebrating turning the big 4-0 with a “40 days, 40 years, $40,000” fundraiser to end the year.

To kick things off, we have one big 4-0 sized ask. In honor of our anniversary, please consider making a $40.00 donation to the WLT before December 31.

If you’ve taken a class with us – or enjoyed a Third Thursday discussion, or a WLT On the Craft of Writing presentation, or the UnConference, or any of our programs, consider a $40.00 donation. 

If you’re a member now or have ever been a member (and enjoyed your member benefits!), consider a $40.00 donation. 

If you served on the board of directors or volunteered or taught a class or sat on a panel, consider a $40.00 donation. 

If you have a school aged child who has seen a Project WISE visiting author presentation, consider a $40.00 donation. 

If you have found inspiration or fellowship or support or community or confidence or laughter or discipline or all of these things (and more) through the WLT, please consider a $40.00 donation.

We have lots of goodness in store for the next forty days – lots of celebrating this wonderful community of ours – and, who knows, maybe even some cake. You’ll be hearing from us after the Thanksgiving holiday (on Cyber Monday!) with more details.

In the meantime, here’s to you and yours. And here’s to forty more.

WLT Staff