Be the Cartographer of your Novel’s Map

Hello Writers,

Here we are again at the end of one month, the beginning of another. Time always seems to speed up this time of year, days shortening and swelling with commitments simultaneously. November stands tall in the imagination of many writers, especially with #NaNoWriMo trending online and in conversations. It’s easy to feel intimidated or overwhelmed and to tap out altogether, but my hope for you this year is that this ambient energy, at times frenetic feeling, can be tamed, harnessed, and propelled into your creativity. I’m picturing a well-tended fire pleasantly crackling, not a shooting star flaring brightly before fading away.

If you’re also thinking about a sustainable disposition towards your writing practice, this Wednesday’s class might be the perfect way to begin your month. In “Prep Your Novel” with Alex Temblador, students will develop a comprehensive strategy for writing their novel — from start to finish. Don’t miss this opportunity to be the cartographer of your novel’s map. Registration closes tomorrow!

Also closing tomorrow is your opportunity to enroll in “The Novelist’s Toolbox”class package, which includes Alex’s “Prep Your Novel” class along with “Researching Your Novel: How to Do It and When to Stop” with James Wade“Plotting Your Novel in Three Acts” with Amy Gentry, and “From Begun to Done: How to Edit Your Own Writing” with Sara Kocek. In addition to the classes, you’ll also be invited to an exclusive class-package (virtual) meet-up on Saturday, November 4th, which will be the perfect opportunity to connect with other writers on the same journey as you.

An additional opportunity to connect is our November Write-ins, happening all throughout this month. Give yourself the gift of writing time and experience community and accountability while you do.

See you in November,
Sarah Renee Beach
Program Director

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