2024 Summer Writing Retreat: An Interview with Chaitali Sen (Revision)

“I love revision. It feels really magical when I see my manuscript getting better, when things are clicking into place and I’m getting closer to a finished product I’m really proud of. But it’s not magic. It’s work that can make it look, at the end, like it didn’t take much effort at all and the words came out exactly as they were meant to be.” -Chaitali Sen

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2024 Summer Writing Retreat: An Interview with Elissa Altman (Memoir)

“We all — no matter who we are — grow up being told that we are not allowed to say X or Y, we’re not allowed to speak of it, and certainly not to write it. But what happens when this thing, this “it,” is what makes us who we are? What happens when it belongs entirely to us, but (we have been led to believe) might bring shame to others? Who has the right to tell our stories?” -Elissa Altman

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Meet the Members: Rod Butler

“I’d hope that my books would delight, transport, and inspire those who read them, and that with each book I’d become a stronger writer. Oh, and a funnier writer, too.”

—Rod Butler

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Meet the Members: Beth Anne Smith

“I reached out to a writer friend for her thoughts on how I could get myself (re)focused on writing… And the first thing she did was send me here.”

—Beth Anne Smith

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