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Meet the Editors: Jill Meyers

“A favorite T-shirt of mine has this saying on it: “It takes as long as it takes.” Which is not to say, screw deadlines, who cares! But simply: take your time with your drafts and revisions. Go deep and get messy.” -Jill Meyers

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Meet the Editors: Amara Hoshijo

“So many fantastic new voices have come onto the scene in the past five years, and I’m hoping we continue to give opportunities to marginalized and up-and-coming writers post-pandemic.” -Amara Hoshijo

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Meet the Agents: Haley Heidemann

“I like to say I’m representing authors, not books, and so I want to make sure they are excited not just about the book they’re currently writing, but the idea of being a writer.”  -Haley Heidemann

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Meet the Agents: Ayla Zuraw-Friedland

“Whether fiction or non-fiction, I’m always looking for a voice or a way of seeing and describing the world that gets me excited and clears out the brain fog that the administrative side of the job can create.” -Ayla Zuraw-Friedland

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Meet the Agents: Allison Hunter

“Remember that there are no shortcuts — convincing a reader to spend $25 on a book is an incredibly high bar, and requires a tremendous amount of work from all parties involved, beginning (and ending) with the author.” -Allison Hunter

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