Meet the Agents: Julia Kardon (HG Literary)

“I work very closely with my clients, hoping for lifelong partnerships! Advocating for them and their careers is a privilege. I am usually pretty hands-on during the editorial stage.”  -Julia Kardon, HG Literary

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Gordy Sauer Headshot

Adding Facts to Your Fiction: 5 Questions for Gordy Sauer

“You have to sit down and write. And you have to do it intentionally. Carve out some time, carve out a space, devote yourself to putting words down. It’s as simple as that. Inspiration follows action. Sometimes it’s the other way around, but most often it’s not. Don’t worry about how much you’re writing each day or whether it’s true to the project, particularly in the early days of a project. But do write, and write, and then write.” -Gordy Sauer

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Meet the Agents: Eloy Bleifuss Prados (Janklow & Nesbit Associates)

“I always advise writers—and try to remind myself—to avoid chasing trends. The journey from writing a book/proposal to submitting to editors to eventual publication takes years. Marketplace attitudes meanwhile are fickle. There’s no guarantee that what’s hot right now will be hot in three or more years. Better to work on projects that you can see yourself being excited about for a long stretch of time.”  -Eloy Bleifuss Prados, Janklow & Nesbit Associates

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